Tile/Grout Cleaning

Cleaning and maintaining your tile, grout and stone can be a difficult task.  It is nevertheless necessary to maintain the beauty, cleanliness, and sanitary state of your tile floors and anywhere else you have tile and grout.  We use professional tile and grout cleaning products and procedures to help you achieve the best possible results without damaging your tile, grout and stone surfaces.

There are different techniques for cleaning different types of tile and grout.  Cleaning ceramic tile, cleaning porcelain tile, cleaning marble tile,  cleaning travertine tile, and cleaning slate tile all take different techniques, cleaning chemicals and procedures.

Tile/stone and grout cleaning can be a very tricky proposition. Any cleaning company can come out and clean your tile/stone and grout, however, using the right equipment and the best cleaning solutions for the job, will make a tremendous difference in the overall outcome of the service. If someone doesn’t know what they are doing, your grout’s surface and its deeper layers can become damaged. This will not only affect how it looks and its texture, but can possibly lead to its rapid deterioration and decay. It takes the eye of a trained technician to determine the best approach. Don’t leave your property to risk. When looking for professional tile/stone and grout cleaning in West Cork, look no further.

We employ equipment and cleaning solutions specifically designed to attack these type of problems. Dirt and deposits can fasten themselves deep into the recesses and crevices of your grout. Unfortunately, regular cleaning solutions and tools simply can’t clean them properly. We use powerful cleaning solutions, combined with a vacuum suction to “extract” the dirt and grime from your grout and tiles.

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