For Rent Let AgreedWest Cork Cleaning provides a full cleaning service to Landords, Letting Agents and Estate Agents. These services range from full cleans after a tenant leaves a property to a clean to revive a property that’s been empty for a while. We can also help a property stand out from the crowd (especially important in these times) to help in a sale.

Post tenancy cleaning is not like a spring clean. Its more detailed than that. Our cleaning team is presented with problems such us the property not being cleaned for a whole year, lots of lime scale build up and greasy kitchens.

We work with several Estate Agents for all their pre/post tenancy cleanings and carpet cleaning in West Cork and Cork City. We know what a clean property looks like and we also know what we would like to move into ourselves. Based on this we know how your property should look like before it is handed back to the Estate Agent or before new tenants move in.

If you’re the tenant then West Cork Cleaning guarantees its tenancy cleanings and you can rest assured that your deposit will be returned in full. Our guarantee is given only for properties where we provided the cleaning materials and determine the cleaning hours required.

We pick up the keys if need be from Estate Agents and drop them back. Further more we offer carpet cleaning, upholstery Cleaning

Whether you are a tenant  or landlord give us a call to provide you with a free quote for your tenancy cleaning. For Estate Agencies We offer account opening with us and that gives you facilities such us priority booking and same day booking as well as discounted prices on all our services.

Contact us for more details or a formal quote or just to discuss your needs.