Carpet Protection

You’ve just had your carpets cleaned or if you’re fitting a new carpet then it makes sense to protect your investment from the start.

Red Wine Spill

Well, West Cork Cleaning have the answer – Scotchgard™

Scotchgard™ will help you keep your carpets in pristine condition, prevent permanent staining and make your vacuuming much more effective. The protectant can be applied at the same time as we are cleaning, and still be dry in 1 to 2 hours .

When our carpet protector is applied at the same time as the carpet is being cleaned, it is even more effective and, it costs you 50% less.

For The Technically Minded.

The Stain Protection from Scotchgard™ helps resist permanent staining from such things as red wine, fruit drinks and to some extent tea & coffee. The blockers occupy the pores and striations where tannic, citric and other acid based stains would normally penetrate the fibers. The Scotchgard™ coats the fibers locking stains out and making the fibers smoother, which allows much more of the dust and other gritty particles to be removed from the base of the fibers during vacuuming. With less grit grinding away at the base of the fibers, your carpets and fabrics will keep their appearance for longer.

When carpeting has been protected by West Cork Cleaning, you have the time to clean any spills that might otherwise penetrate to become permanent staining and, dust and dirt vacuums off much more readily.

So! Call Kieran TODAY for an easier way to maintain your carpets and soft furnishings!